Back in may 2012 I was on one of my most memorable trips in my life. I was in Ireland with my best friend, and together we went on a one-day trip with Paddywagontours. We was going to Connemara and Galway.
It was quite a ride from Dublin to Galway and on to Connemara, but it was worth it. We made several stops on the way, so we could take pictures of beautiful Ireland. And I’m not exaggerating, when I’m telling you, that it was the most beautiful and amazing things I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Even when we were not stopping, just driving through the mountains I was completly speechless.
It was a fairly small bus, but it made it so much more cozy, and our guide was amazing. He told us a lot of stuff on the way from Dublin to Connemara. We had free time in a small village named Cong – a very idyllic place. Kylemore Abbey castle was just amazing, and here we had our lunch break, before we headed for Galway city, where we had 1 hour before heading back to Dublin.
It was one of the most amazing events ever, and I can’t wait to come back to Ireland, and go on another tour with Paddywagon. Preferable one that is a bit longer than one day, so that I can get to see more of this gorgeous country.

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