I’m writing this post in English, as the read-a-thon is international! And please bear with me, when we reach the night, my English might be a little weird 😉

So I’m going to try yet another read-a-thon and I hope this will be more of a success than the last one, which was a Danish one. I’ve never participated in Dewey’s read-a-thon before, so I’m very excited. Cross your fingers for me!

SONY DSCI have my stack of books, which include The Archived, Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores, Cirque du freak and the Vampires Assistant, Snakecharm, Skyggehævn and Bunker 137. I doubt that I’m going to read all of them, and maybe I will choose an entirely different book, who knows? But with these, I have something to choose from.

I’ve also got some snacks, both grapes and some candy for the late hours!

I will update this post on my reading progress. And I will also be tweeting here with my progress, maybe more than in this post.

2 pm: The read-a-thon starts and I’m so excited for my first book, which is The Archived


4:15 pm: I’ve read 76 pages in The Archived. It’s good so far, but a bit confusing and not what I expected. Can’t wait to see where it’s taking me. Though I’m reading a bit slow. I’m just taking a small break to rest my eyes and cheer for some of the other lovely readers. Yes, I’m also a cheerleader. Happy reading everyone 🙂

7:32 pm: I’ve reached page 193, and I’m really enjoying the story so far. Still not what I expected, but not as confusing any more, and quite exciting.

11:00 pm: I’ve finished my first book! Took a while, but I’m proud of myself 🙂 It was really good! I’m starting Cirque du Freak by Darren Shan now.

1:30 am: I’m currently 53 pages in Cirque du Freak. I’ve read the book before, in Danish, a bind-up of the first two books, but it’s so many years ago, I can’t remember much. It’s really fun and light, just what I need at the moment. My eyes are heavy and my brain sluggish, but I will continue reading!

5:00 am: I’ve finished the second book! I’m actually proud of myself, even though I haven’t read as much as some other. I’ve read a total of 504 pages! Right now I feel like I’m falling over from tiredness! Now I’m going to read More weird things customers say in bookstores!

6.33 am: So, I’ve finished More weird things customers say in bookstores so much fun, just as I expected. Now I will read a Danish book called Bunker 137. A horror book I believe. I’m actually not as tired as earlier, or maybe over-tired. But my eyes are still really heave!

7.46 am: Still awake. Sort of. I’m giving up on Bunker 137 and continuing with a kindle book I’ve been reading How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire. I’m currently 51% into the book. (Can’t find the page count for this book!)

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  1. D for Dedicated
    E for Exquisite
    W for Wondrous
    E for Excellent
    Y is for Your awesome taste in books
    Go Reader go!! *waves pom poms *

    Haha, I know that didn’t rhyme but I wanted to welcome you to the readathon. I’ve heard fantastic things about The Archived so I hope you’re enjoying it. 🙂 Also, those grapes look delicious. I hope you have a lot of fun and meet many new readers and book lovers alike. #TeamMarquez

  2. Oooh, I’ve been wanting to read The Archived! Hope you enjoy it. And it looks like you have a good balance of healthy snacks and candy! Best way to make it through a readathon. Have fun reading!

  3. Go Reader! Go Reader! *Waves with pom poms *

    Hæng i min pige, vi må holde hinanden til ilden. So far er jeg ellevild med min første bog, så den var et virkelig godt valg. Og min læsehastighed er bedre end troet, dog stadig ringere end min danske. 😛

  4. The Archived lyder altså virkelig spændende! Jeg er glad for, du nyder den, også selvom den var lidt forvirrende i starten. Jeg glæder mig til at høre din endelige mening om den 🙂

      • Åh, Cirque du Freak. Det er en af min søsters yndlingsbøger/serier. Jeg har ikke tal på, hvor mange gange hun har læst de første bøger; og det er på trods af, hun ikke rigtig er den store læsehest. Jeg selv begyndte på serien på et tidspunkt, men kom aldrig rigtig særlig langt. Jeg overvejer dog at prøve igen, for den lyder ret spændende 🙂

  5. Fantastisk at du stadig hænger i søde! Det er skønt med al den læsning, men ikke mindst al den begejstring og inspiration man finder rundt omkring. <3

    Glæder mig til at følge med i hvor langt du når, og til at se en masse skønne bogomtaler i nærmeste fremtid. 😉

    • Ja helt enig! Jeg er lige blevet færdig med min første bog. Holder en kort pause med noget mad og noget cheerleading af andre 😀

    • Tak 😀 Jeg hygger meget, synes det er så fint at der er så mange der læser på samme tid!
      Ja det er jeg hehe, mit hoved er helt whoosy 😛 Hva med dig?


    Okay, det lød noget mere friskt end jeg egentlig føler mig, men med Dewey’s Read-a-thon kan man jo ikke være andet end glad! 😀 SÅ sejt at du holdt ud hele natten. Kan du klare dig til kl. 14? Jeg hepper på dig! 😀

  7. We can do it, we can do it
    We can read a lot of books
    We can make it through the readathon
    It’s easy peasy, really

    [Cinderella WorkSong]

  8. Tick-Tack.. Tick-Tack.. Tick-Tack..

    Time is slowly moving
    Soon it will be gone
    But memories will stay
    After readathon is done

    Hang in there.. 2 hours to go!!

  9. Wow, you have read a lot!!! :O I want to read More weird things customers say in bookstores and i’m glad you enjoyed it.

    Happy reading!!! 😀

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